Student Voices

Here are some voices from students across the Columbia community. If you have something you'd like to share, write to us.

On Affirming Community Values (#unitedCU)

Samia Abedin, Columbia College '19

"If we shared more narrations of ourselves with others, and listened with empathy, I wonder the sense of belonging and community we'd be able to foster on our campus."

On Wellness

Julien Saint Reiman, Columbia College '18

"Know that everyone around you, especially the ones who work so hard, are struggling. They are wondering just as much as you are if they're going the right way."

On Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion

Kinikia Reid, Midwifery '17

"I want to be inspiring for women of color who believe that this may not be achievable, and be a representation of someone that looks like them, who is doing it and is 'in.'"

On Sexual Respect

Shefali Samdaria, School of Social Work

"Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or preference, our counselors and support groups embrace your story. Your words can also help break someone's silence."

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