Community Citizenship Initiative

Welcome to the Community Citizenship Initiative! 

As Columbians, we are members of a uniquely diverse community. We are guided by a commitment to building a University environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. The Community Citizenship Initiative is the bedrock of that commitment. It is an opportunity for you to understand your part in upholding our core values of sexual respect and inclusion & belonging.

This initiative will help you understand how your choices impact others. So step up and step into your part of this University-wide commitment to communicating and acting with integrity and respect for others, both here at Columbia and beyond.

About the Community Citizenship Initiative

Columbia launched the Community Citizenship Initiative as a collaboration among students, faculty, and administrators to create a stronger, safer, and better-connected campus community. With these goals in mind, University Life has designed a set of tools and resources for you to learn not only how you can take part in this process, but to feel empowered to create positive change within our community. These learning materials are broken down into two components: the Sexual Respect Initiative and the Inclusion and Belonging Initiative.

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Sexual Respect Initiative

The Sexual Respect Initiative (SRI) explores the critical connection between sexual respect and membership in the University community. This initiative asks each of us to help build and promote a campus culture that unequivocally rejects sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based misconduct. It is also designed to help you to feel empowered in seeking help whenever and wherever needed.

Sexual Respect Initiative and FAQ

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Inclusion and Belonging Initiative

The Inclusion and Belonging Initiative focuses on meaningful conversations on topics like the impact of bias, defining unequivocal inclusion, and resiliency in the face of bias. Participating in these conversations allows you to think about your individual role in cultivating inclusivity at Columbia, provides problem-solving skills for our diverse world and enhances your skills for communicating across differences.

Inclusion and Belonging Initiative and FAQ