Mental Health Resources

Taking care of your mental health means supporting your emotional well-being, and making space and time to do that intentionally in different ways: from spending time in conversation with friends, family and loved ones, to getting outside for sunshine, fresh air and exercise, to writing or finding other creative outlets, and meditating or engaging in a spiritual practice.
We all experience days or periods from time to time when we struggle with our mental health, which can manifest as exhaustion, anxiety or just feeling sad. It happens to all of us. That’s why it’s so important to develop healthy habits and practices that we can draw on when we need them. 
The Columbia resources on this page are here for you any time you need support. If you have any questions or suggestions for additions, please reach out to [email protected].

Columbia Health and CUIMC Student Health Service offer external resources that are not diagnostic but are meant to be educational and to help you better understand behavior. Columbia does not endorse or accept responsibility for external websites.

  • Self-assessments from CUIMC Student Health Service - Take self-screening/online questionnaires about depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. These do not substitute assessments with a mental health professional.
  • Sleep Assessment and Resources - Take an online sleep assessment to get real-time personalized feedback, start your own sleep diary, access sleep tips and resources, and send personalized sleep e-cards. From Alice! Health Promotion.
  • Alcohol Self-Assessment - Complete a quick online questionnaire and optionally participate in the Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention of College Students (BASICS) one-on-one sessions, free and open to all Columbia University students.
  • Marijuana Self-Assessment - Complete a quick online self-assessment and get personalized feedback with the option to connect to campus health promotion professionals if you want to learn more.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021 Videos

Joseph Greenwell, Vice President for Student Affairs in University Life, shares some of his daily well-being routines and mental health resources for students.

Stephanie N. King, Director of Student Wellness for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering, shares her story about reaching out for support and tips for how we can begin or continue our own mental health journeys.