Pre-Orientation Tutorials

Welcome to Columbia!

Every student who is new to a degree program at Columbia must complete two required tutorials that introduce important University policies and valuable student resources. These tutorials convey values that are foundational to membership in the Columbia University community and provide skills and resources to help support you to excel during your time here. Both must be completed before your arrival on campus. Each tutorial takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

If you are a new student you must complete the tutorials even if you have previously done so while attending another school within Columbia University.

Both tutorials can be found on CourseWorks at the following sites corresponding with your school:

Tutorial 1: Welcome to Columbia

computer screen of tutorial

This tutorial covers the range of resources available at Columbia, as well as policies on important topics including community citizenship and health and wellness.



Tutorial 2: Sexual Assault Prevention

This tutorial focuses on sexual respect and shares essential information about Columbia’s gender-based misconduct policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

For students admitted for the Fall semesters, you will receive access to Pre-Orientation in mid-Summer. Students starting in the Spring or Summer terms will receive access a few weeks to a month before the start of your first classes. If you are still denied access to the CourseWorks site when you start classes, please reach out to [email protected].

Both Welcome to Columbia and Sexual Assault Prevention save your progress as you complete each section. If you close either tutorial without finishing, you will be brought back to your last point so that you may continue from where you left off.

You will see a green checkmark next to each completed tutorial. Once you have both green checkmarks, you will be complete and your school will be notified the next business day.

We ask that students complete the tutorials before their school orientation.

Reach out to [email protected] and share your UNI so we can help you access the tutorials. Please note, the tutorials typically become available a few weeks to a month before the start of your first classes.

This message appears if you have not fully completed both Pre-Orientation tutorials. The message will deactivate the morning following completion of both tutorials. Please log into your respective Pre-Orientation CourseWorks site above to verify what you're missing. You can click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen to proceed past this message onto CourseWork or other Columbia websites.

If you have personal concerns about completing the Sexual Assault Prevention tutorial, please reach out to [email protected]