Options for Completing Your Participation

You can choose from an in-person event, a video collection or an online tutorial. 

If you’re required by your school to participate, you only need to select one option to fulfill your requirement; however, you are certainly welcome to complete more than one if you like. If you're not a Nursing, General Studies or SIPA student but want to participate, please fill out this form and we will give you access to all of the options. If you have questions about your participation requirements, please contact your Dean of Students.

Ready to get started? Choose one of the options below.

In-Person Events

Learn how to cultivate inclusion on campus and communicate across differences through an in-person event. Choose from workshops hosted by your school or by the Office of University Life. Register early to guarantee your spot!

When you attend an event, be sure to swipe your Columbia ID or sign in at the door so that you can be marked as complete within one to two business days.  

View available workshops.

Video Collections

The video collections include several TED Talks and are grouped into the four categories below. Select ONE of the collections and after you’ve watched it, answer the related questions. Answer at least three out of five correctly to receive credit for this option.

Choose from the following video collections:

Online Tutorials

Complete an interactive 30-minute online tutorial about diversity, identities and communities. You will receive an email confirming your participation within a few days of completion. If you are not able to access the tutorial, please write to inclusion-belonging@columbia.edu and provide your UNI. 

Take the tutorial.

How to Check Your Completion Status

You can check your completion status here; all options which you've successfully completed will have a green check next to them.

Remember, you only need one green check to fulfill your participation requirement, however, you are welcome to complete as many as you like.



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