Options for Completing Your Participation

Participation is required for all new students.

September 25 - November 3, 2023

Ready to get started? First, choose one of the options below. Then, complete and track your participation in Courseworks.

Campus Conversations

Campus Conversations, a dialogue-based initiative, is centered on building community by offering students a way to talk about identity and community across campus. For the Community Citizenship Initiative, University Life has organized Campus Conversation events where you can meet students from across the University to engage in student-facilitated dialogues about identity and inclusion. Check out upcoming Campus Conversations here.

School-specific Workshops

Some schools may have additional options for their students. Select your school's workshop and participate with your classmates! 

University-Wide Workshops

The below events are available to all Columbia University students and satisfy the Inclusion & Belonging component of the Community Citizenship Initiative.

Inclusion & Belonging Events

Video Collections

The video collections include several TED Talks and are grouped into the four categories below. Select ONE of the collections and after you’ve watched it, answer the related questions. Answer at least three out of five correctly to receive credit for this option.

  • Understanding Self - Identity, Intersectionality and Community: illustrates how various identities interact with society at large and lead to people having advantages and disadvantages in social situations.
  • Shifting the Culture: demonstrates how you can embody allyship, step in as a bystander, or shift your everyday language to be more inclusive.
  • Historical Foundations: explores historical perspectives on topics such as racism, transphobia, ableism, and Indigenous people in the U.S.
  • Resilience and Inclusion: examines different definitions of self-care and the importance of healing on an individual level and as a community.
  • Lived Experiences: highlights the lived experiences of a variety of different perspectives of marginalized people across the country and the globe.

Online Tutorials

On Courseworks, complete an interactive 30-minute online tutorial about diversity, identities and communities. You will receive an email confirming your participation within a few days of completion. If you are not able to access the tutorial, please write to [email protected] and provide your UNI. 

Independent Projects

Choose a project that aligns with your interests or professional development goals, do it either on your own or with a small group. Write to [email protected] for more information.

How to Check Your Completion Status


You can check your completion status in Courseworks. All options that you've successfully completed will have a green check next to them. 

Access the CourseWorks sites corresponding to your affiliation:

You only need one green check on this page to fulfill your participation requirement for the Inclusion & Belonging component; however, you are welcome to complete as many as you like.

As a reminder, you must complete one option from the Inclusion & Belonging component and one option from the Sexual Respect component. See more information on the Sexual Respect component here.