University Life Events Council

The Events Council's mission is to design events that energize the community and create opportunities to connect students across Columbia.

What is the purpose of the University Life Events Council?

Sponsored by the Office of University Life, the University Life Events Council is a group of students from each school who plan activities that connect students across all Columbia schools.

Their goal is to:

  • build community through university-wide social programs and events

  • create opportunities for students to connect beyond their schools through student engagement, leadership and programming

  • produce events that include, film, wellness, inclusion and belonging, and University community traditions.

Who is on the Events Council?

The University Life Events Council is made up of:

  • leadership team - students that take a larger role in the planning and implementation of events and programs.

  • school liaisons - students who represent their schools and give feedback on University Life initiatives

  • committee members - active members of the committees and event volunteers.

What do Events Council members do?

Events Council members perform a number of critical functions on behalf of other students and the University community, including:

  • envisioning and creating appealing, inclusive and engaging events
  • getting the word out to students about the events
  • helping staff and/or enlisting volunteers for large-scale events  
  • keeping their school’s student government in the mix and up to speed
  • promoting and/or co-sponsoring other student-led events 

The Office of University Life supports the Events Council with administrative liaison, funding and logistical support and promotion.

How do I join the Events Council?

All Columbia students are welcome to apply for the Events Council leadership team, become a school liaison or join as a general council member. The Leadership application process runs in February each year, and is closed for the 2021-2022 academic year. We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved.


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