Sexual Respect Continues Here, With Us

Monday, September 25, 2017


Imagine what it would be like to have a campus where sexual harassment, assault, stalking, and other gender-based misconduct never occurred. Now, think about what it would take to get there, so that all students would see themselves as having a role in eliminating gender-based violence.
I couldn’t stop thinking about this recently when hundreds of Columbia athletes gathered for workshops on learning the difference between healthy and troubled relationships and how to help themselves or a friend who might be at risk. I continued thinking about this when another group of student volunteers jumped into a training session with MTV’s Francisco Ramirez so that they would be ready to lead their own workshops on sexual respect in the coming weeks.
So, what would it take to move from imagining change to making it happen? The easiest and most tangible way—this month and in the weeks ahead—is for every Columbia student to participate in the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative and to encourage your friends and classmates to do the same.
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