Taking a Break and Masking On and Off Campus

October 21, 2021

Dear Students,

Thank you for your help in keeping our COVID-19 numbers low on campus. 

A Quick Well-Being Break

During this busy time, it is essential to practice self-compassion. By giving yourself space to breathe, you give yourself a moment to recharge. Guided breathing exercises are a great way to re-center yourself during a stressful moment. Try following the animation below for one minute and see how you feel. You can also save it to your phone or computer for future reference!

4-7-8 Breathing Animation

...Need a Longer Break?

Your life may be hectic right now, but there are many options around campus to help you take a well-deserved break. Counseling and Psychological Services hosts weekly support groups around a variety of topics, Religious Life hosts free yoga on Wednesdays and many more opportunities are added to our website weekly.

Keeping the Compact Wherever You Find Yourself

As the weather turns colder, please remember that your actions have impacts both in our immediate University community and for the larger NYC community.  

When you find yourself on public transportation or in crowded public spaces, it is essential that you continue to keep the Compact by wearing your mask indoors where possible. This is just as important off of our campuses as on; each of us is an ambassador for Columbia.

Flu Fairs: Don’t Wait—Vaccinate!

The flu shot is required for all students and the deadline to submit proof of vaccination is Tuesday, November 30. You can get your flu shot from any provider. Columbia’s flu fairs are a convenient way to meet the requirement; getting mine was quick and easy!

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Take care,

Joseph Defraine Greenwell, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of University Life
Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

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