University Initiatives

Help shape community citizenship at Columbia through these university-wide initiatives, and participate in workshops, task forces and working groups with students, faculty and administrators from across the University.

Wellness Days @ Columbia and STUDYBREAK @CU

Wellness Days are a joint effort of students, faculty and staff, and are part of an ongoing focus on mental health, well-being and community citizenship at Columbia. 

The University Life Events Council

The Office of University Life is bringing together student representatives from every school to develop University-wide events for the Columbia student community. The Events Council's mission? Design events that energize the community and create opportunities for you to connect with others from schools across Columbia.

Gender Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force

The Gender Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force focuses on programming and other efforts to support sexual respect and reduce the incidence of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other gender-based misconduct at Columbia. 

Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion Task Force

The Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion Task Force works to identify issues and develop responsive strategies that address students’ experiences both in and outside of the classroom related to race, ethnicity, and other intersecting aspects of identity.

#unitedCU - Our Community, Our Values

As members of one community, we can care for one another, hold each other accountable, and commit to acting with each other’s best interests in mind. These pages offer more about our community and our values.

Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative

Take the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative and become a student leader in this University-wide commitment to communicating and acting with integrity for others, rejecting sexual harassment, and working to prevent sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct. 

Welcome to Columbia: Pre-Arrival Tutorials

Every student who is new to a degree program at Columbia completes two tutorials that introduce important university policies and values which are core to membership in the Columbia University community, as well key resources available to all students, and valuable skills to help you thrive and excel during your time here.