University Life Events Council 2017-2018

The Events Council's mission is to design events that energize the community and create opportunities to connect students across Columbia.

What’s the University Life Events Council? What’s its purpose?

Sponsored by the Office of University Life, the University Life Events Council (the Events Council) develops events for all students at Columbia, in order to
  • build community across the University
  • create opportunities for students to connect beyond their schools
  • produce and participate in fun, relaxing activities
  • establish promising models for University community traditions, and eventually the traditions themselves
Programming designed by the Council will elevate and enhance community-building, wellness and inclusion at Columbia.

What is the Events Council going to achieve?

Council members will propose, plan and promote large-scale events that are open to and serve the University student community. In its launch year, the Council will develop one or two events to occur during the Spring 2018 semester.
The Events Council will meet twice each semester, with Associate Vice President for Student Life Ixchel Rosal and the Associate Director for Student Engagement Zach Harrell.

Who is on the Events Council?

The Office of University Life invited every school at Columbia and the University Senate Student Affairs Committee to nominate one student representative each. Alternates (also selected by their schools/SAC) participate when representatives cannot.
  • Events Councilmembers serve a full academic year, with re-appointments every fall.
  • Representatives have the option to serve up to two years, pending reappointment from their school. 

What do Events Council members do?

Events Council members perform a number of critical functions on behalf of other students and the University community, including:
  • Envisioning and creating appealing, engaging events for all
  • Getting the word out to students about the events
  • Helping staff and/or enlisting volunteers for large-scale events  
  • Keeping their school’s student government in the mix and up to speed
  • Promoting and/or co-sponsoring other student-led events 
In turn, the Office of University Life supports the Events Council with administrative liaison where needed, and by providing funding, and logistical support and promotion.