Sexual Respect Event: Understanding Title IX and Columbia’s Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, Fri, 10/30 at Noon ET

October 22, 2020

Dear Students,

We write to invite you to Title IX 2.0: Understanding Changes to Title IX and Columbia's Policies on Friday, Oct. 30 at noon ET on Zoom. Columbia experts will help you get to know Title IX federal law – including recent changes and its history – and how it relates to University policy for students on sexual assault, sexual harassment and other gender-based misconduct. Register here.

This event counts for your participation in the Sexual Respect component of the Community Citizenship Initiative.

Featured speakers are:  

  • Marjory Fisher, Associate Vice President and Columbia University's Title IX Coordinator
  • La'Shawn Rivera, Executive Director of Columbia University Sexual Violence Response & Rape Crisis/Anti-Violence Support Center (SVR)
  • Kevin Pitt, Associate Vice President of Student Conduct and Community Standards

You may submit your questions when you register.

A Word About Columbia’s Gender-Based Misconduct and Title IX Policies

Columbia’s policies are an important part of our overall commitment to sexual respect and prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based misconduct. The University is committed to diligently investigating reports of misconduct, supporting students and others who experience gender-based misconduct, and responding fairly and firmly when students violate University policy. Last summer, the University revised our policies in keeping with new changes to Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. You can learn more on Columbia’s Sexual Respect website, which also includes many confidential and privacy-protecting student resources.  

We hope you’ll join us at the forum to be part of this important conversation.


Professor Suzanne B. Goldberg
Executive Vice President for University Life

Joseph Defraine Greenwell
Vice President for Student Affairs, University Life

Marjory D. Fisher, JD
Associate Vice President, Title IX Coordinator, University Life