Safety on Campus

Columbia has an unfaltering commitment to ensuring the safety of our students and other community members at all times, including during protests and demonstrations. Here is important information for all in our community:
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Ensuring campus safety during protests and demonstrations
  • CUID – Columbia University in the City of New York is an open campus. However, many buildings and events at Columbia require Columbia University identification (CUID) for entry. 

  • Columbia Public Safety – The Department of Public Safety works 24/7/365 to make our campus and its surrounding environs as safe and secure as they can possibly be. Uniformed public safety officers and vehicles work on and around campus, including at major events and venues.

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What to do if you feel unsafe

Anyone with a concern about campus safety or students’ or others’ wellbeing is encouraged to contact Public Safety:

  • Morningside Campus - 212-854-2797
    Emergency (on campus, dial): 4-5555

  • Medical Center Campus - 212-305-8100
    Emergency: 305-7979

  • Manhattanville Campus - 212-853-3301
    Emergency: 3-3333

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Local authorities

New York City Police (NYPD) and the New York City Mayor’s Office facilitate hundreds of large-scale events and gatherings citywide without incident. Often, demonstrations organized by non-Columbia affiliates require a permit from the City and involve participants who travel to and through Columbia’s open campus. These individuals may be accompanied by NYPD community affairs and local precinct officers. At times, the NYPD assigns police personnel and vehicles in close proximity to campus in order to provide for the safety of all in the vicinity. The University cooperates with these temporary deployments for public safety.

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