Having a clear handle on your money matters can vastly improve your well-being. That's why Columbia has partnered with iGrad.
With interactive financial education and wellness tools, scholarship information, student loan management resources, plus webinars, videos and more, can help you get on the path to financial wellness – and it's all free!

Here's how it works

If you have a Columbia University email address, go to to set up your account. Answer a few questions about your financial habits, then iGrad will recommend personalized resources for your needs.

You can also use it to create a budget or financial plan, learn about savings, investments and responsible credit card use, and how to navigate other major life money matters, such as buying a car or a house.

Get started today. And remember, you can use now and after you graduate for as long as you want it — without ever paying a fee.

Tools Include:

  • Money personality quiz

  • Scholarship search

  • Student loan snapshot

  • Video tutorials and webinars

  • Quizzes and articles

  • A crowdsourced knowledge base


Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, including how to provide feedback. 

Additional Resources

Get more information about student educational financial resources at Student Financial Services