StorySpace @ Columbia: Belonging - Meet the Storytellers

Monday, March 27, 2017

We all have a story to tell... StorySpace @ Columbia brings the phenomenal, personal stories of students from across Columbia into one room, for listening and inspiration. This spring, members of our community will share their stories of BELONGING. 
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StorySpace @ Columbia features the phenomenal, personal stories of students from across Columbia. 

MAILMAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH |  Carolina Downie “Awkward Girl: Type 1” – Carolina learns to live with Type 1 Diabetes and owns her awkwardness; Elham Ali "Daring Greatly" –  In a world seemingly full of male superheroes, Elham makes her own capes and flies against gender norms in academic and professional pursuits.

SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK | Matt Stanislao “Rainbow Blues” – Social Work student and former police officer Stanislao retells the humorous way he came out to his squad; Donna Zephrine “The Ride of a Lifetime” – Donna, an Iraq war veteran, discusses her experience on a three-day bicycle ride to support and raise funds for veterans; Nick Ogutu "Heroes" – Nick, a graduate student from Kenya, shares about his classmates raising funds for him to continue his University studies.

GENERAL STUDIES | Ifeoma Nwoke “The Cuckoo's Nest” – Ifeoma describes developing an awareness of her own mental health.

LAW SCHOOL | Hilary Rosenthal "Arms Stretched Wide" –  First-year law student Hilary recalls her experience in the Peace Corps and playing international soccer.

SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS | Nick Donias “Finding Heaven in Hell's Kitchen” – Nick's unexpected reconnection with a haunting part of his past propels him toward greater self-acceptance.

SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES | Santiago Coto-Segnini “The Club of Lost Books” – Santiago learns to be himself.

SCHOOL OF THE ARTS | Sasha Wolff  “Make Believe” – Sasha remembers her childhood and the role of playtime.