Reminder of resources in light of Port Authority Explosion

Monday, December 11, 2017

For many, the news of an explosion in the city can be unsettling. We express our appreciation for the first responders who helped aid those who were directly impacted.

For Columbia students seeking mental health support, professional counselors are available on the MorningsideCUMC, and Barnard campuses. In addition, pastoral counseling and faith-based support are offered by the Office of the University Chaplain.

Columbia University’s Department of Public Safety offers important safety information for the University community, which you can find here. As a reminder, if you are ever uncertain of your wellbeing or a condition on campus, contact Public Safety 24/7/365 at:

  • 212-854-5555 (Morningside)
  • 212-305-7979 (Columbia University Medical Center)
  • 212-853-3333 (Manhattanville)

Columbia Health

If you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact your dean of students, any of the above resources, or the Office of University Life (