Past Event

Reducing and Managing Stress in a Virtual World

April 16, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

A workshop for Columbia students looking to reduce and manage stress while meeting their goals (personal and academic) given a new remote learning environment and the inherent life changes that accompany this transition. Managing and reducing stress throughout any academic semester can be difficult. The addition of significant life transitions, both personally and academically, into virtual environments can feel even more daunting. Join Alice! for a conversation about these transitions, the stress that inherently accompanies them, and how to reduce and manage stress throughout this time, while continuing to flourish and thrive. By the end of the session, we intend for participants to be able to:

• Understand and examine sources of stress utilizing a more nuanced lens

• Describe multiple ways of conceptualizing stress

• Describe stress responses, and the impacts they can have on one’s health

• Identify stress management strategies that feel relevant and realistic

• Develop an action plan for incorporating mental health promotion strategies into daily routines

**If you are interested in participating in this open workshop, please register to receive the Zoom invitation. 

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