Past Event

Expresso Yourself: Navigate Interracial/Intercultural Relationships

October 27, 2020
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

This Relationship Violence Awareness Month (RVAM), we bring you another installment of Expresso Yourself, a series launched in April 2020, after Sexual Violence Response (SVR) identified the need for less formal conversations with experts in the field around relationships and power-based violence in a virtual space. This installment of Expresso Yourself will feature SVR's Executive Director, La'Shawn Rivera, SVR's Assistant Director of Training and Prevention, Debjani Roy, and Psychotherapist Mizuho Kanazawa--who specializes in culturally sensitive counselling, working with 'persons who feel they are between cultures', as well as couples who come from different racial and cultural backgrounds.

Questions we will collectively explore include:

• How do we begin to talk about cultural differences in our relationships?

• How do you build trust in an interracial or intercultural relationship?

• How do we become aware of and confront our own racial/cultural biases in our relationships?

• How do we talk about trauma experienced at the intersection of identities in our interracial and intercultural relationships?

• Through all of this, how can we authentically and with vulnerability connect with another person in a relationship? 

Contact Information

Columbia Health Sexual Violence Response
212-854-HELP (4357)