Past Event

Columbia 101/Sexual Respect Initiative: Accepting Rejection

November 2, 2020
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Online Event

This workshop is part of the Community Citizenship Initiative. In the wake of relationship violence and trauma, establishing healthy relationship dynamics can be particularly difficult. In this day and age, it is increasingly common to romanticize toxic behaviors (Manson, 2015a). According to The Angry Therapist, John Kim (2016), “we focus so much on who we want to love, we forget about how we want to be loved.” In Loving Me Means This, students will consider what it means for a partner to love them, and then examine toxic relationship habits that most people believe are acceptable (Manson, 2015a), or even romantic, as well as healthy behaviors often considered venomous (Manson, 2015b).

The goal is to unpack internalized toxicity regarding relationships – romantic and beyond. This workshop is only open to Columbia College (CC) and Columbia Engineering (CE) undergraduate students in their first year at Columbia University.

Contact Information

Scott Helfrich