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Members of the Events Council Leadership Team, 2018-2019

University Life Events Council Leadership Team 2019-2020

The University Life Events Council Leadership team works with our office to produce engaging events. They form the core group of student event planners who also work with school representatives from every Columbia school. 

Chair of Programming: Adam Kluge (CC)                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Adam is a second-year transfer student, originally from the Buffalo, New York area, starting at Columbia College! He's majoring in Creative Writing and Human Rights. Beyond his academic pursuits, he's actively involved in theater, vocal performance, and activism (and can be found at the nearest cafe or dog shelter). He's currently searching New York for the best drag brunch!

Chair of Marketing: Lauren Wilkins (CC) 

Lauren is a second-year student at Columbia College studying psychology. Her hometown is Trabuco Canyon, California. She enjoys dance, photography, bullet journaling, marketing, and volunteer work. Her favorite spot on campus is the lawn outside the Math building in the springtime.

Chair of Administration: Jennifer Xu (Dental)

Jennifer is a Bay Area native and was a former competitive swimmer for 11 years. She moved to NYC and received her bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. She is currently a second-year student at the College of Dental Medicine. As co-chair of administration, she aims to ensure the happiness and inclusiveness of current and future students on the undergraduate and graduate campuses.

Chair of Outreach: Emily Eget (CC)

Emily is a second-year at Columbia College studying sociology. Her homtown is Charlotte, NC. A few of her favorite things are road tripping with friends, scoping cute places around the city, window shopping around New York, and volunteering with kids. In the springtime, the South Lawns are her favorite spot on campus.

Chairs of Membership: Miah Miller (CC)

Miah is a second-year student at Columbia College studying financial economics. His hometown is Jackson, Ohio. He loves consuming news about politics, entertainment, and technology. When Miah has the time, he loves to waste hours playing The Sims! Out of his dorm room, he enjoys hopping from coffeeshop to coffeeshop while trying to find the perfect iced latte and going (mostly window) shopping at malls and in different neighborhoods in New York. You can find Miah at his favorite spot on campus, Joe Coffee in the NW Corner Building.



Chairs of Major Events: Mansa LaPorte (SW) & Grace Didway (CC)

Mansa is a graduate student at the School of Social Work studying Family and Youths. His hometown is Bridgeport, Conneticut. Mansa passions include traveling, learning, and making a difference within and outside of himself.





Grace is a second-year student at Columbia College studying History, Special Concentration: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her hometown is Oregon City, Oregon. Some of her favorite things include elevating student voice in decision-making, travel, embroidery, spending time with my friends and her fish named Goose.

Chairs of Films: Andi Dixon (Journalism) & Carlos Penuelas (GS)

Andi Dixon is a Ph.D Candidate in Communications at Columbia University, where she studies technology in organizational settings. She is currently writing a dissertation that examines the police-worn body cameras. Her previous work experience includes public media production and reporting for This American Life and Georgia Public Broadcasting.





Carlos is an international student from Mexico. He's in the School of General Studies, majoring in Financial Economics and will be graduating in 2021. He has lived in Mexico, Montreal, Los Angeles, and now New York City. His hobbies include watching films, hiking, traveling and exploring the city.

Chairs of Inclusion: Jaimee Prass (GS) & Charlene Lau (GSAS)

Jaimee is in the School of General Studies majoring in Political Science. She's a New York native and enjoys reading, writing, and creating.






Charlene is a graduate student at GSAS and is studying Statistics. She graduated from University of Rochester with a Bachelor in Data Science and is from Pretoria, South Africa. Charlene enjoys visiting different countries and learning about different cultures. She's also fluent in four languages: English, Afrikaans, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Chairs of Service: Alicia Tavarez (CC) & Carleigh Schley (Mailman of Public Health) 

Alicia is a second-year at Columbia College. She's from Oak Creek, Wisconson. A few of Alica's favorite things include reading, going to museums in the city, hanging out with friends, and working with children. Her favorite spot on campus are the lawns outside of Butler when it's nice out.





Carleigh is a graduate student at Mailman School of Public Health, studying Sociomedical Sciences. She's from Westchester, NY and studied at the University of Miami earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. Carleigh loves listening to music and being around people. She'd like to go to medical school and work in a hospital primarily serving uninsured/other vulnerable populations or work in community health. She's passionate about connecting people with their local communities and she's looking forward to being able to provide that for Columbia students. Lastly, Carleigh is passionate about pertinent public health issues, no surprise there!

Chairs of Social: Anthony Adessa (SEAS) & Celia Hou (SPS)

Anthony is a second-year at Columbia College studying Computer Science. He's from San Diego, California. Anthony enjoys backpacking, bodysurfing, coding, and building culinary skills. His favorite spot on campus is the "sky lounge" platform suspended high up over the atrium in Lerner.





Celia is a graduate student in the School of Professional Studies studying in Applied Analytics. You can find Celia at her favorite spot on campus, Low Plaza Steps. Home for her is Xi'an, China and she enjoys power-lifting, boxing, and painting. 



School Liaisons of 2019-2020

The School Liaisons work with the Chair of Outreach and attend the first general membership meeting of each month. During this meeting they gather information to promote upcoming events at their schools and provide feedback on programs and initiatives. There are still positions available for the upcoming academic year. Apply today!

  • Sofia Osorio (Ugrad SEAS)
  • Sasha Kimiatek (SPS)
  • Nathan Chen (GS)
  • Aaron Xie (GS)
  • Victoria Muthoni Tswamuno (SW)
  • Gabriel Pomerantz (Mailman)
  • Joanna Sandstorm (Mailman) 
  • Dongping Song (Grad SEAS)
  • Aiman Najah (UGrad SEAS)
  • Sakchi RUIA (CBS)
  • Josephine Wei (CBS)
  • Pearl Singhair (CBS)
  • Oliver Chan (Dental)
  • Felix van Kann (SOA)
  • Shayna Feuer (Nursing)
  • Eleni Kalapoda (GSAPP)
  • Gaurav Pundir (SIPA)
  • Emmanuel Akinbobola (SIPA)
  • Carolina Leiva (SIPA)
  • Savannah Castaneda (SW) 
  • Veronique Merritt (GSAS) 
  • Amali Nassereddine (SPS)
  • Angel Mindanao (SPS)

Open School Liaison Positions:

Journalism; Law; College of Phys & Surgeons; IHN- Institute Human Nutrition. 

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