Resources for Combating Anti-Latinx/a/o Racism

For many Latinx/a/o people in the U.S., current conditions for daily living have never been harder. Today’s reality is built on long-held resentments informed by misinformation, racism and an unwillingness to understand this community. Whether you are seeking ways to actively promote racial justice in support of friends, neighbors and colleagues, or whether you identify as Latinx/a/o and seek educational resources, support or wish to report a bias incident, each of us can play a part in stopping anti-Latinx/a/o bias and racism.  

Please note the resources below were compiled in partnership with staff from across the University. Requests to add additional items can be sent to [email protected].

The resources below include off-campus resources that Columbia is not affiliated with, nor does it explicitly endorse any of the advocacy groups, hotlines or organizations listed here. This list is intended only to inform students of resources available to them in the broader community. 

Please note: this list is updated frequently, please check back often.

Columbia Resources: