StorySpace @ Columbia - Meet the Storytellers

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We all have a story to tell... StorySpace @ Columbia brings the phenomenal, personal stories of students from across Columbia into one room, for listening and inspiration. Originally presented by volunteer storytellers Sept. 29 (details here). 
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StorySpace @ Columbia features the phenomenal, personal stories of students from across Columbia. 


SCHOOL OF THE ARTS | Anthony Jadus (SOA ’19) “Finding Your Path” – Anthony, a first-year MFA student, describes his path to becoming an actor.

COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL |  Jon Michael Jachimowicz (CBS '19) “Blue vs. Orange” – Jon describes an unexpected encounter during the 2005 Israeli disengagement.

COLUMBIA COLLEGE | Daniel Bergerson (CC ’17) “IKEA SWEDE” – Daniel offers a humorous exploration of one’s Swedish heritage; Julien Saint Reiman (CC ’18) “Yield” – Julien’s tale of anger management.

GENERAL STUDIES | Anthony Bunkley (GS ’19; U.S. Military Veterans of Columbia University) “Perseverance” – Anthony overcomes an abusive childhood, becomes a decorated Navy veteran and transitions to life as a Columbia student pursuing a medical degree; Michael Harley (GS '18) “I am God” – Michael’s journey from being teased to discovering and owning his unique personality; Aspen Matis (GS ’20) “My New Student Identity” – Aspen’s story of returning to college after surviving rape in 2005 as a freshman at Colorado College.

GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES | Sahar Ullah (GSAS ’17); event emcee and storyteller “Open Doors and Jackasses” – Sahar finds the courage to stand up to disrespectful teenage peers.

SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS | Sayan Supratim Das (SIPA ’18) “A Stranger’s Own Country” – Sayan explores what it means to him to be both Bengali and Indian; Yuvraj Singh (SIPA ’18) “Jack of All and Master of None” – Yuvraj decides to be well-rounded, versus an expert.

SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES | Kiara Ke (SPS) “A Part of Ballet” – Kiara talks about “giving it your all,” even in the face of failure; Hadia Sheerazi (SPS ‘17) "What Soccer taught Me About Life" - Hadia describes the role soccer has played in shaping her identity.