Columbia University 2015-16 Report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response Report for 2015-16 is the third annual report of data from Columbia’s numerous on-campus resources that focus on prevention of and response to sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct.

Columbia compiles and releases this data to engage the full University community —students, faculty, administrators, and staff— in creating a climate where all can study, work, and live free from gender-based misconduct and sexual violence.

The report includes ongoing efforts at the University to enhance resources, education, and training related to gender-based misconduct prevention and response, as well as updates to the University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Policy and Procedures during the previous academic year.

It also provides data from the gender-based misconduct disciplinary process during the 2015-16 academic year.

This report is part of Columbia's commitment to prevent and address gender-based misconduct including sexual assault within our community.

Read the Report here.

Prior years' reports are located here.