Inclusion and Belonging

In a University community, finding ways to listen as well as talk across differences, including differences related to race and ethnicity, is essential if we are to create a place in which all can have some sense of belonging.

Suzanne Goldberg, Founding Executive Vice President for University Life
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The Task Force on Inclusion & Belonging at Columbia

The Task Force of Columbia students, faculty and staff works to identify issues and develop responsive strategies that address students’ experiences both in and outside of the classroom related to race, ethnicity, and other intersecting aspects of identity.

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Supporting Our DACA Students

The Office of University Life will continue its working group that focuses on the needs of undocumented students and is also available to help individual students access information and resources. 

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Affirming Protections for Transgender Students

At a time when the basic rights of transgender individuals are facing challenges around the United States, it is ever more important to affirm Columbia's commitment to our transgender and gender non-binary students.

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Our community, our values

“Make no mistake that Columbia rejects racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, white supremacy, bigotry, misogyny. But beyond statements, can we show up as members of one community, especially when we are in a particularly challenging place?” 

Kinikia Reid
Voices from the Task Force

Kinikia Reid (Midwifery) – “Challenge yourselves to not sit next to the person who you feel is most comfortable to sit next to, to not talk to the person that you talk to every week… so you can grow and hopefully you can help that person grow as well."



Resources for support, legal assistance and more for undocumented students


Access to advising, advocacy, student groups, support spaces and more

Graduate Students

Organizations, resources, and offices that serve graduate students

Disability Services

Supports students with disabilities and helps to coordinate accommodations and services

Military and Veteran Affairs

For students who are members and veterans of the U.S. armed forces, including military and veteran student groups


Organizations, resources, and offices that serve undergraduate students

Support Related to Discrimination

Learn more about Columbia's resources for discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct.