Events Council Structure

Leadership Team

The leadership team attends weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas for upcoming events, share event and programming highlights from within their schools, recruit volunteers, and facilitate work as a collective body. The leadership team is made up of the following positions:

  • Chair of Programming - Supports fellow leadership team members by offering general programming guidance and leading meetings as needed. Areas include: Major Events, Films, Social, Inclusion, Service, and Wellness.

  • Chair of Administration - takes and shares minutes, tracks attendance and manages archives and memos

  • Chair of Marketing - promotes events and the Council; recruits others to help with photography and videography

  • Chair of Outreach - promotes events and the Council; biweekly Eblast creation, oversees School Liaisons

  • Chair of Membership - supports and builds community amongst group, keeps track of committee member attendance and event volunteers participation.

Recruitment for the University Life Events Council Leadership Team is through an open application process. From this pool, the advisors conduct interviews to choose leadership with the skills, commitment, and passion for each position. Each event committee will have two co-chairs (ideally one graduate student and one undergraduate student) with the goal of having as many schools represented as possible to ensure that a diverse set of voices are heard in the creation of programming.

Each individual has a role and each role has unique responsibilities; however, all leadership members are required to:

  • meet for check-in meetings with advisor (bi-weekly)

  • attend weekly leadership team (5:30-6 pm) and general membership (6-7 pm) meetings on Thursday evenings

  • attend a one-day leadership retreat at the start of each semester to discuss goals, communication and organizational plans for the semester (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2019 and Saturday, January 25, 2020)

  • assist with recruiting committee members throughout the the fall and spring semesters  

  • oversee committee members to help plan and staff events

  • assist with creating, planning, marketing, and staffing events

School Liaisons

School liaisons are selected by the Office of University Life staff and are required to attend the first general membership meeting of each month on Thursdays from 6-7 pm. This meeting ensures that liaisons gather information to promote upcoming events at their schools. This meeting is also an opportunity for University Life to attain student feedback on other programs and initiatives and share university-wide updates.

Committee Members

Any Columbia student can join the University Life Events Council at any time as a committee member. Committee members can choose to participate in one or two of the event planning committees, volunteer at various events, and attend meetings to share ideas. Committees include:

  • Major Events - Talent Showcase, Silent Disco, Low Lounge, etc.

  • Wellness - Wellness Days’ Study Breaks, Yoga Series, etc.

  • Film - movie screenings, CU Film Showcase, etc.

  • Inclusion - Karaoke Night Feat. a drag performer, CU Stories, etc.

  • Social - Speed Friending, Dinner with Strangers, etc.

  • Service - Day of Service, passive service opportunities, etc.


The Office of University Life student life staff advises the University Life Events Council and approves all proposed events. University Life will provide committees with a budget for each program that will be evaluated annually and offer feedback on proposed event marketing tactics.