Campus Conversations Initiative

Campus Conversations is a dialogue-based initiative from the Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging at Columbia that's about making friends and building community through real conversation. It offers students a way to talk about identity and community with peers, friends of friends and others across campus. Interested in participating? Check out the various ways to get involved:


Become a Facilitator

Interested in leading conversations on race and inclusion with your peers? Want to participate in an interactive training that gives you resources and tips to facilitate a dynamic conversation? Join our facilitator cohort and participate in one of our upcoming trainings to become a Campus Conversations Facilitator!

Join a Campus Conversation

If you don’t want to lead a conversation, but do want to participate in the initiative, click here to sign up and receive announcements about upcoming conversations hosted by all Facilitators.

Host Your Own Conversation

Do you already feel confident leading a conversation on identity and want to host one with your student organization or group of friends? Join the Campus Conversations network and receive our toolkit with tips for leading a conversation.

Make a Friend Through a Chat

Thoughtful and honest conversations about inclusion and diversity can ease tensions that exist throughout the nation. We also hear that people don’t know how to have these conversations. Campus Chats are short conversations about life at Columbia and our evolving take on race and identity. We'll provide tips to help you get these conversations started. 

Columbia Spectator: With pamphlets and student volunteers, University aims to start conversations on race

Read what General Studies and Columbia College students had to say: "It starts off with very, very dedicated students...If they hold a conversation and five people come, and even one of them is interested and excited, it can move from there.” See more here.


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