Awakening our Democracy: Food - Access, Security and Justice - SUGGESTED READINGS

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Office of University Life hosted the fourth installment of its ongoing conversation series, AWAKENING OUR DEMOCRACY, Tues. Feb. 16, with panelists representing a wide range of perspectives on food access, security and justice. You can view a recording of the event here. Their suggested readings and topical music selections follow.

From author and food educator Simran Sethi (@simransethi):

From Rocky Acres Community Farms Founder Rafael Aponte:

From Dr. Cristina Fernandez, Dept. of Pediatrics (@DrCFernandez)

From Center for Social Inclusion Policy and Strategy Director Anthony Giancatarino (@agiancatarino11)

From Food Chain Workers Alliance Campaign and Education Coordinator Diana Robinson (@Ddee1985)

A sampling of questions from registrants:

  • How does gentrification affect food security?
  • What is the role of architects, urban designers and urban planners in increasing food access, security and equity?
  • How do food security issues and policies affect women differently from men?
  • What can schools do to reduce disparities in food access and security?
  • How can we facilitate collaboration between lawmakers, educators, activists, farmers, and medical professionals to address food inequities?
  • Does giving food to (food insecure) people really help? How can we actually solve food insecurity?
  • What is the greatest barrier to food security in the United States: spatial location, food distribution, or cost of food?
  • How can the "local foods" movement increase access to healthy food in communities that do not have adequate access?
  • How do food networks and food deserts impact national obesity?