A project from the Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion Task Force to help foster meaningful inclusion and belonging at Columbia.

Columbia Spectator: With pamphlets and student volunteers, University aims to start conversations on race

Read what General Studies and Columbia College students had to say: "It starts off with very, very dedicated students...If they hold a conversation and five people come, and even one of them is interested and excited, it can move from there.” See more here.


What is the Campus Conversations Initiative?

The Campus Conversations Initiative offers students helpful guides and a jumpstart to discussing identity, race and inclusion on campus.

Sign Up to be a Facilitator

If you are interested in hosting a conversation - in your residence, class, organization or circle of friends - attend a facilitator training to get the proper tools for discussing these complex topics.

Get the Guide

The Campus Conversations Guide offers a few ways to create and engage in open and honest dialogue about identity and community building. You can sign up for a facilitation training (see above) or download a guide to kick off your own Campus Conversations with others.

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