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Health & Wellness

"Wellness must be a prerequisite to all else. Students cannot be intellectually proficient if they are physically or psychologically unwell."

- Ernest Boyer, Educator and United States Commissioner of Education, 1977 to 1979

Comprehensive and confidential physical and mental health services are available to Columbia students.

Medical Services

Morningside Campus

Students can access medical services through Columbia Health both in person and via after-hours on-call clinicians.

  • Medical Services – Columbia Health provides routine and urgent medical care, travel medicine, immunizations, as well as sexual health services, reproductive and gynecological services, LGBTQ health care, and confidential HIV testing, among other services. Students are encouraged to make appointments online (via secure portal and Uni account), or (212) 854-7426. John Jay Hall, 4th floor
  • After-hours – Columbia clinicians on the Morningside campus are on-call at (212) 854-7426 to assess students’ concerns and make recommendations for care.
  • Urgent Care – When a sudden, serious illness or injury may require immediate care, students can seek assistance in John Jay Hall, 3rd floor.
  • Nearest Emergency Room St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Room, located at 113th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.


Students on the CUMC campus can access medical services through the Student Health Service (SHS).

  • Medical Services – SHS provides a full range of primary care services and serves as a referral source for specialty services when required. CUMC students can make appointments online (via secure login with their uni), or can call (212) 305-3400. 60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Level: Suite B234.
  • Urgent Care – When a sudden, serious illness or injury may require immediate care, students can seek assistance through SHS medical services at 60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Level: Suite B234.
  • Nearest Emergency Room – New York Presbyterian Hospital at the Columbia University Medical Center, 168th Street and Broadway.

Mental Health

Columbia University offers a variety of psychological services to assist in managing the many demands of student life.

Morningside Campus

Counseling and Psychological Services offers short-term individual counseling, referrals for longer-term therapy, student-life support groupsmedication consultation, and emergency consultation, as well as mental-health clinicians who specialize in a number of areas, including Trauma SupportLGBTQ concernsReligious/Spiritual ConcernsMulticultural ConcernsBody Image issues/Eating Disorders and more. (212) 854-2878; Alfred Lerner Hall, 8th Floor | Related Video


Mental Health Services at CUMC offers medical campus students short-term counseling, couples counseling, medication consultation, and a number of treatment interventions for a range of issues including eating disorders, trauma, drug, alcohol and other addictive behaviors. (212) 305-3400; 60 Haven Avenue, Tower 1 First Floor, Suite 1D

Barnard College

The Rosemary Furman Counseling Center at Barnard College supports the personal and academic success of Barnard women. (212) 854-2092 or (855) 622-1903 a; 100 Hewitt Hall, First Floor

Sexual Respect

Columbia is committed to a culture of mutual respect for all community members; one area that deserves special attention is sexual respect.

More than eliminating sexual assault, it is the commitment to communicating and behaving around all matters of sexual health, sexual identity, and interpersonal relationships with integrity and respect for others. It is also about each University community member’s role in creating an environment where sexual misconduct is not tolerated. 

For policy, more resources and information about Columbia's Sexual Respect Initiative, visit

Sexual Violence Response (SVR) provides trauma-informed, confidential support services through crisis counseling/intervention, advocacy, prevention, and outreach focused on interpersonal violence and harassment. SVR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact the helpline for support 24/7/365 (all CU campuses: Morningside, Barnard and Teachers College): (212) 854-HELP (4357)

SVR Support Centers

  • Main Office, Morningside Campus – 2920 Broadway, 700 Alfred Lerner Hall, New York, NY 10027
  • CUMC – (212) 305-1721 | 50 Haven Avenue, 206 Bard Hall, New York, NY 10032
  • Barnard – 3009 Broadway, 105 Hewitt Hall, New York, NY 10027

For walk-in hours visit SVR’s website.
Stay connected on SVR’s Facebook page.

Other Resources

  • Alice! Health Promotion – Alice! seeks to connect students with information and resources to make informed decisions regarding a broad range of health-related topics. (Learn more about Go Ask Alice! here.) (212) 854-5453; John Jay Hall, 3rd floor
  • Center for Complicated Grief - The Center for Complicated Grief provides information to those who may be experiencing prolonged pain in coping with the death of a loved one, as well as to family and friends who want to learn how to help. 212-851-2107; 1255 Amsterdam Avenue
  • Center for Student Wellness (CSW) at CUMC  - The Center for Student Wellness aims to create an environment that promotes student fulfillment and growth, both personally and academically, on the CUMC campus. Through free, confidential Wellness Appointments and Wellness Works! Health Promotion programs, CSW offers guidance for navigating the challenges of graduate school life on the Medical Center campus. (212) 305-3400; 50 Haven Avenue; Bard Hall, Suite 107 and Room 101
  • Disability Services – Disability Services facilitates equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating accommodations and support services, cultivating a campus culture that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of students. Students seeking accommodations or support services are required to register with the office. Morningside – (212) 854-2388 (Voice/TTY), Wien Hall, Main Floor, Suite 108A; CUMC – (212) 304-7029, 105 Bard Hall /50 Haven Avenue
  • Gay Health Advocacy Project/HIV Testing – Led by a group of concerned students and medical staff, Columbia University became the first institution of higher education in the world to offer HIV antibody testing to its students, faculty, staff, and community in 1985. Today, GHAP tests more than 1,000 people of all genders and orientations per year. (212) 854-6655, John Jay Hall, 3rd Floor
  • Office of the University Chaplain - The Office of the University Chaplain fosters personal growth and learning through spiritual, ethical, religious, and cultural exchange. Religious Life Advisors conduct on-campus worship services and provide faith-based programs, as well as confidential counseling on a walk-in basis or by appointment. Find a weekly meeting or service. (212) 854-1493; Lerner Hall, W710
  • Student Health Insurance – All Columbia students are required to carry health insurance, whether the Columbia Plan or through a qualifying provider.  Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan. John Jay Hall, 3rd Floor