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Intellectual sparks fly constantly at Columbia, where courses, labs, studios, lectures and other school-based activities offer room for thought, learning and debate. Amidst the extraordinary number of events happening each day, there are some that focus particularly on significant, challenging issues that have broad community-based or societal impact. The Office of University highlights these events for the broader University community.  Through “Ideas and Action,” the Office also creates space for ongoing digital conversation and exchange about these issues of our day.

What’s New

April 21, 2017

The Office of University Life is pleased to announce the launch of the University Life Fellows Program. University Life Fellows will work with the Office of University Life on university-wide programs aimed at cultivating community and inclusion at Columbia. 

Upcoming Events

April 26, 2017

Join Columbia in supporting survivors of sexual assault during Denim Day. 

From the University Life Blog

April 5, 2017

How do we also recognize and strengthen the support culture that is such a strong part of our community? Inspired and encouraged by many conversations across the University, the Office of University Life and partners across campus introduce: Wellness Days @Columbia.