Columbia University in the City of New York

“Join the Conversation.”  This is what the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative poster urges.  Hopefully you have seen it on College Walk or in buildings around campus.

Four weeks into my new role as executive vice president for University life at Columbia, I want to use this Spectrum post to share a bit about my background as well as some initial thoughts about the new Office of University Life, its philosophy, goals, and possibilities for student involvement.  

When I began as special advisor to University President Lee Bollinger on sexual assault prevention and response last July, I had spent the past couple of decades as a social justice advo

The University has embraced our community’s attention to our campus climate and, in particular, to issues of sexual violence and other gender-based misconduct as an opportunity for meaningful discussion and action.

In recent weeks and months, Columbia University has taken extensive steps to strengthen our response to all forms of gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault. Building on comments and suggestions from students throughout the past academic year, as well as the ideas of faculty, administrators and staff, new initiatives have been launched and existing programs and resources have been strengthened, all with the aim of creating an environment where students and other community members can flourish free from gender-based misconduct, including sexual violence.