Columbia University in the City of New York

When so many now feel vulnerable – in houses of worship, in schools, on the street and, now, in places of joy and celebration – it is ever more important that we come together as a University community. This is a community drawn together to pursue knowledge and learning at the highest level – and a community with a shared interest in achieving understanding across our differences, valuing justice and peace in the world. - Love and Light for Orlando - a Columbia University Remembrance Event and Show of Solidarity (Watch here, and view our album on Facebook.)

On support, policies and practices in place - points from Sexual Violence Response, Counseling and Psychological Services, Public Safety and the Gender-Based Misconduct Office.

SVR’s professional survivor advocates are available 24-hours/7 days a week/365 days a year for immediate crisis counseling, accompaniment to on and off-campus resources including the hospital, NYPD, District Attorney’s office, courts, medical services, etc.  In short, SVR offers comprehensive rape crisis services. 

The Rules of Conduct "are intended to ensure that all members of our community may engage in our cherished traditions of free expression and open debate."

...a little of this and a little of that about what's happening now in the Office of University Life.

I often found myself on the set of 99 Homes thinking of lessons I learned from working with my students and the other professors in my department. An added bonus of teaching at Columbia are the great minds you befriend...

The energy of these conversations reinforces our potential to make this not only a pivotal moment but also a shift toward sustained change in our community. The unprecedented coming together of 60 student organizations, centers and institutes, administrative groups and schools who cosponsored also affirms our collective capacity and our potential for progress.

In a University community, finding ways to listen, as well as talk, across differences, including differences related to race and ethnicity, is essential if we are to create a place in which all can have some sense of belonging.

Sexual respect is a commitment. It is a commitment to communicating and acting with integrity and respect for others. And it is about having an ethic of care in our own University community, even with our differences, to challenge and reject sexual and gender-based misconduct.

The Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative is one part of this commitment.

Welcome to Columbia – and to the Office of University Life.