Columbia University in the City of New York

September 2016

Ideas and Action Blog

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, The Office of University Life hosts  AWAKENING OUR DEMOCRACY, Columbia's lunchtime conversation series on race, ethnicity, disparities and justice – with a stellar panel discussing the impact of a dominant two-party system on our country and communities, “One Nation Under Politics.” Their suggested readings and topical music selections follow.

Office of University Life Blog

The Sexual Respect Initiative is about understanding and responding to the links among us and doing what we can to create change, not just in this moment but throughout the year and beyond. 

Office of University Life Blog

Community is something we create, each day, through vigorous exchange of ideas and through how we treat each other, both when we agree and when we do not.  It also poses a question to each of us:  How will you participate in creating and sustaining our shared community? Here is your invitation to join us in creating community.